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USD Carbon 2 Skate Preview

How does the cuff system work and does the skate use a liner?
Oli Benet: The Carbon skate was loved by most, but we always pay a lot of attention to feedback, not only from our team but also from our customers and online. We like to make the effort to improve all we develop, and that is exactly what we have done here.

Some skaters had an issue with the flex on previous Carbons, especially the front-back flex. The lack of a separate cuff was seen by an advantage to some, but many preferred the feeling of an independent cuff piece for more variable support, especially noticeable on jumps and landings.

We tested many, many different hardness and styles of cuffs throughout 2010 and have found the cuff that all our testers like the best. It’s a perfect balance of flexibility and support, and the overall carbon experience is said to be much, much better. All our riders are unanimous on this.

This new cuff is also complimented with a brand new one piece tongue which is 100% pre-shaped and includes all new flex-cuts to harmonize the flexibility with the cuff and boot, as well as improving comfort and supporting natural movement.

What materials are used?
Basically the same material as used in the first Carbons, tough and strong full grain leather along with special nanoleather in some panels. Cuff is made out of a PU blend.

Has sizing changed? Has the weight changed at all from previous models?
Sizing is the same as the previous USD Carbon skates. Padding has been improved, especially around the ankle and heel area for more comfort and improved heel fixation. The weight also remains the same, or with negligible difference.

What are all of the changes that have been made to the skate?
The main difference is the new and improved buckle, liner and padding and of course the new cuff. We have also improved the stitching on the leather outer, and have reverted back to the strongest leather material that can be used on a skate boot.

We are also really pleased with the new tongue the skate boasts and we really think you will notice the difference.

What’s the best feature of the skate?
Well, just as its Carbon predecessors it can boast 1 boot per size, something almost no other brand or boot can.
It is very small and close fitting to your feet, allowing for unbeatable control. It’s the lightest boot on the market, and it looks great.
It has been tested by many of the best skaters in the world to find a perfect balance between weight, support and comfort.
It is also the only aggressive skate made of Carbon.
What more can you need!

For someone that hasn’t tried these new skates, what are they most comparable to?
Hard question to answer. I would probably say they are closest to a Salomon skate, as Salmons were always small, one boot per size, comfortable and very precise.

When should we be expecting these new skates?
Current ETA is mid November.

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15 Responses to “USD Carbon 2 Skate Preview”

  1. trickit Says:

    Salomon, one boot per size??

  2. Marcus Says:

    Sexy as hell… very cool design

  3. Sheep16 Says:

    these skates look so sickkk! i want them! what price will they be around, was going to get the usd carbon but if these are coming out ill get these

  4. Baschno Rose Says:

    K2 have every size a Boot and still the same wight *without* carbon :-D …..

  5. Nycolas Borowski Says:

    The skates look really sick! Wondering if it will come in white too… and he didn’t told if the skates use liners :/
    but surely it will be a great skate

  6. brink Says:

    I believe Rollerblade does boots per size too.

  7. Sean Michaelson Says:

    Salomons definitely shared sizes per boot. i think just like razors cult sizing, 5-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13.

    and like someone said K2 does have exclusive sizes per size.

    and im pretty sure they’re built in liners, non-removable. He should have said “lining”….cause thats more accurate to what it is.

  8. Michael Froemling Says:


  9. cute Says:

    those are deshi carbons w/ a cuff! they look tight!

  10. Shane Skowers Says:

    Who cares you nerds

  11. 12311321 Says:

    Salomons did not share boot sizes.

    every size had a separate boot including half sizes

  12. whodat Says:

    can i get a white buckle on that whos with me

  13. d.dollerup Says:

    Nah, i’ll go witht the pink buckle. WHOS WITH ME ?!!! - Just kidding, white buckle would be nice.

  14. Xingo Says:

    I’ve just ordered the black one a few days ago cuz I’m impressed with its lightness n the soulplate. Even though Carbon 1 are too stiff but I put more expectation from Carbon 2 (flexibility yet support)

  15. Arron Says:

    does anybody know if you can ride them without the cuff id really like to know before I buy them ????????? ( please email me if you know the answer…

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