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Create Originals V.5 Montre Livingston Billboard Frames

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Create Originals V.5 Montre Livingston Billboard Frames

The new CREATE ORIGINALS™ Series 2 Frame Core features construction made from an all new mold, manufacturing process, and new reinforced material composition that ensures the highest quality performance and durability available.

The patent pending Custom Graphic Display System is recessed inwards from the sidewall grinding surfaces to further ensure protection. This leaves behind a minimal, low friction sidewall surface which slides extremely fast while keeping the graphic display virtually untouched while grinding. The Create Originals Graphic Display frame also allows for all setups, flat-rocker, anti-rocker. freestyle, and tri-rocker, to be ridden right out of the box. Every pair includes four low profile Freestyle Grind Blocks, which extend the grinding surfaces seamlessly and create a freestyle setup that not only allows for more grinding freedom, but also keeps you locked into your groove tricks and eliminates the "slip off" factor commonly found in other freestyle setups. Since each set of frames possess four graphic display options, that can be interchanged and individually replaced, you have the ability to limitlessly and constantly express your individual style. Most importantly, you have the ability to create and insert your own designs! The Create Originals Graphic Display Frame marks the beginning of a renaissance in frame customization and performance. The possibilities are literally endless!

Includes bolts, frame spacers, and all necessary frame hardware except for frame mounting bolts. Please use your existing frame bolts. G-Block Color will vary from what is pictured.

Small (recommended boot size: 5-8.5)
Large (recommended boot size: 9-14)
  • Newly Reworked UFS Frame Core Mold & Manufacturing Process.
  • Stronger, Lighter, & Greater Wear Resistance Material Composition Than Previous Frame Model.
  • Thicker Inner Side Wall & H-Block Construction.
  • Minimal Side Wall Grind Space Design Ensures The Fastest & Smoothest Sliding Available.
  • Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Design.
  • Precisely Angled & Curved Center H-Block Pocket Ensures Perfectly Balanced Groove Tricks.
  • Widest Split System Available On Any Single Piece Core Frame Available.
  • Patent Pending Custom Graphic Display System Allows For Easy To Switch & Endless, Custom Graphic Options
  • Create Your Own Frame Design With Online Downloadable Graphic Insert Template.
  • Included Freestyle G - Blocks Allow For All Setup Option Possibilities(Flat Rocker, Anti Rocker, Freestyle, & Tri-Rocker).
  • Includes 4 Photo Realistic, Water Resistant Graphic Inserts With Customizable Blank Underside.
  • Includes 4 Shatterproof, Slidable, Clear Protective Shields To Protect Graphic Inserts
  • 57MM Max Flat Rocker Setup, 59MM Max Anti & Freestyle Setup.
  • 8MM UFS Axle Hardware & Frame Spacers.
  • Made For, Tested, & Ridden By The Best Skaters In The World.
Available in Black, Blood Red, and Teal

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Create Originals V.5 Montre Livingston Billboard Frames
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