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Street Artist ClothingOne of the newcomers to the aggressive skating wheel market is Street Artist Urethane. Started by Adam Johnson with help from Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson and Shane Coburn, the project has been in the works since August 2007. They started the company with this much lead time to get a good foundation. They put thought into the name, some know it as STAR wheels, and poured the wheels long before they would be available to ride. This lets the wheel cure properly and maintain strength. Rushing a wheel to market can lead to defects. In addition to their line of wheels, they also offer a full range of soft goods such as t-shirts and hats. Street Artist Team Riders: Mike Johnson, Don Bambrick, Billy O Neill, Sean Kelso, Rachard Johnson, Brian Freeman, Demetrius Watson, Dan Ives, Jacob Juul, and Edwin Wieringh A wheel is only as good as the team riders they have using them and STAR is one the best teams out. With an all-star cast of seasoned pro and up an coming ams the list of riders really speak for themselves.