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Need new wheels? Then we've got you covered. We carry the best in aggressive skating wheels from Eulogy wheels, Street Artist Urethane, M1 Urethane, Denial Wheels, and Undercover. In addition to all of the best wheel brands, we also keep a full selection of all the major bearings out there. We have Aggressive Skating Bearings, Crap Bearings, ThemGoods, Renegade and Bones Swiss. We offer a wide variety of bearings at different price points so whatever you're looking for in a bearing, we have it.

The new 2010-2011 line of Eulogy wheels is here at eRolling. The wheel lineup has changed this year for Eulogy. Robert Lievanos and Eric Schrijn stepped down as professionals and two new pros are sporting Eulogy's. The lineup is as follows: Eulogy Chris Haffey, JC Rowe 58x90A, Erik Bailey 57x90, Jeff Dalnas 57x89A, Franco Cammayo 56x88A, and Soichiro Kanashima 55.5x89A. The theme for this year's line is the disaster series so you'll find plenty of earthquakes, lightning, erupting volcanoes, and more.

Undercover has completed a makeover on their company in the past year and that means new pros, new urethane, and new graphics. The 2011  UC wheel line has been released and the results are great. The new line of wheels is a bit pricier than those in the past but this line is poured in the USA and has a really high-quality long lasting urethane behind it. You'll find pro aggressive wheels for Nick Lomax 60x88, Jeph Howard 58x88, Richie Eisler 58x88, and Iain McLeod 56x89.

From Philly with love comes Denial's line of wheels for Montre Livingston, John Schmidt, Mark Wojda, and John Bolino. All of the wheels are 59mm so you know they're going to be fast and work well for an anti-rocker or freestyle setup.

M1 urethane has released another line of wheels with more colors in it than a box of crayons. Franky Morales has  a carolina blue 58mm wheel, Brian Aragon in a red 57mm, and Julian Bah has a 56mm wheel in yellow. In addition to the newest line, we have lime green or purple Team 55mm, Joey Chase 57mm wheels in blue or orange, as well as Franky's wheel in turquoise. M1's sister company, Renegade bearings, also has us stocked with Abec 5's and Swiss Bearings.

Street Artist Urethane, or STAR as they've become to be known have new pro wheels for Billy O'Neill, Team 3, and Brian Freeman. These wheels will ride just like Undercover's and they're also a little more expensive but worth it.