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Jug Black Sox 2 LinersJug Black Sox 2 Liners $42.00$79.90

Whether it's time to upgrade some worn out parts on your skates or you just want to add some color, we have you covered at eRolling.com. We offer all of the frames, replacement parts, liners, footwraps, and miscellaneous hardware you could think of. We all know the more you skate, the more you wear out your liners. Replacing your liners in your aggressive skates can drastically extend the life of your skates. We offer liners from Trust, Jug, Sifika and Xsjado footwraps. If there's one thing that skaters go through quickly, it's frames. We offer frames from Ground Control, Create Originals, Kizer, Xsjado, and Fifty-50. And of course we have all of the soul plates, baseplates, backslide plates, and cuffs from all of the top aggressive skating brands. All of the frames that we carry are UFS which means they are Universal and will fit on any UFS boot.

50-50 frames has just dropped a new line of Classic Balance frames and Freestyle cores on us. We have in the new Green/White Classsic balance frames and Orange/Black Freestyle cores from Fifty 50, the original frame company. The Classic balance frames come with Fifty-50 juice blocks and don't use a metal core. They come with all 8mm hardware and are a symmetrical frame so you can flip them front-to-back. The freestyle core Fifty-50's are an aggressive skater's best friend because there's no middle wheels to get hang up on grinds. These frames use the metal core so you can simply replace the plastic frame walls and you're back up and running without buying an all new frame.

Create Originals is one of the newest aggressive skating frame companies on the block. They have a really innovative frame design that allows you to put in new frame graphics on the frame. There is a recessed area on the frame for the frame graphics. The graphics are protected by a clear plastic shield that keeps the graphics looking good as much as you grind on them. The new line of frames now come in blood red, mariano blue, lime green, orange, black, and white. The new materials used on the frames feature a reinforced material composition which is stronger than the first line of frames. There are limitless options when you're customizing these frames because you can make your own frame graphics by drawing, painting, or ripping out of a magazine.

Ground Control as always has a huge selection of frame options available. Featherlite Freestyle, Featherlite 2's, Featherlite 1, and Formula 1 in flat and freestyle are all good options for your aggressive skates. The Featherlite Freestyle frame is the newest GC frame. It takes all of the best features from the Featherlite 2, such as sickle bolts for one handed bolt turning and an extremely lightweight design, and turned it into a freestyle design. The groove is very similar to the Formula 1 freestyle frame, but on the Featherlite Freestyle it's a 1 piece frame. The Featherlite 2 frames are an anti-rocker frame that come in a ton of different colors such as black, white, red, purple, turquoise, carolina blue, orange, royal blue, spearmint, yellow, and green.

New liners in the shop include Jug Argyle 2 full and Jug Argyle 2 v-cut, along with Trust Catalyst liners on sale. The Jug Argyle 2 liners have a grippy silicon material on the back of the liner that is designed to keep the liner from moving around in the boot. The Argyle 2 liner is available as a high top or v-cut liner. The high top is designed for standard cuffs and the v-cut liner is designed for V-Cut cuffs like USD and Remz.

As always we have a full selection of soul plates and base plates for all brands of aggressive skates. We have Razors Genesys soul frames, Razors SL soul plates, Razors SL soul frames, Razors Cult soul plates, Xsjado soul plates, Xsjado baseplates, Remz soul plates, USD Feinberg souls, USD 2 piece souls, USD Carbon soul plates, NIMH V2 souls, and Valo soul plate kits. In addition, we offer Razors SL backslide plates, Razors XL Genesys backslides, Razors Cult backslide plates, and Remz backslide plates.