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Kizer Frames & HardwareKizer Hardware has been making inline skate frames and accessories since 1998. The European based company has always had a strong offering of UFS frames and replacement parts. Kizer is always experimenting with new materials and technologies to bring you the best products for your skates. If you haven’t tried any Kizer products yet, chances are they make something that can improve your setup.

Kizer is hands down the company that offers you most variety of aggressive skating frames. They offer the fluid frame, Type-M, Element, Suspension frames, and the new Slimline frames. The focus of the frames is always on grinding, durability, and variety. Kizer’s skate frames are offered in colors that most other companies won’t make. This is great if you want to get a one of a kind setup, and of course they always offer the basic black, grey, and white frames as well if you want something basic.

Kizer Fluid frames are great for skating flat because of their ultra wide split setup. Of course they also work great for freestyle and anti-rocker setups, but riding flat is really where the Fluid aggressive frames shine. Type M frames are a really good option for freestyle setups. You have a huge grinding space in the middle and it’s really ideal for skating ledges. Suspension frames are some of the best frames for jumping gaps and riding park. Park skating with the Kizer Suspsensions works so well because you get more momentum pumping the transitions on ramps. The new Slim Line Kizer frame is really lightweight and has a huge split like the Fluid’s and Element’s. The hardware can be rockered up or down to ride different size wheels in a flat-rocker setup. With the Slim Line, you can ride 58mm wheels flat or up to a size 60mm wheel on the outside. Element frames also have a huge split and allow you to ride large wheels flat. They use a replaceable side wall and replaceable h-block so you can replace parts as they wear out.

As you can see, Kizer is always innovating their product line with something new for your rollerblades. They make one of the most popular after-market frames for aggressive skaters.

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