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Jug Liners Jug liners offers the finest aftermarket liners out there. Jug has taken what was an afterthought for most skaters and brought to attention what has been a problem for too long…….Liners don’t fit right, liners don’t fit your skate right, liners don’t look right. Thanks to Murda and Robert we now have a variety of designs that are compatible with almost every boot out there to make your skates more comfortable and add the style points that your stock liners just weren’t giving you. Jug promotes the most elite team of skaters out there….Mike Johnson, Robert Lievanos, Dre Powell, Chris Haffey, Billy O’Neill, Brian Aragon, and introducing Franky Morales. Juggernaut’s rise up! 
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)Result Pages:  1