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SSM Gabriel Hyden SkatesSSM Gabriel Hyden Skates $179.00$279.00
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Razors Genesys 11 SkatesRazors Genesys 11 Skates $159.00$199.00
Custom Vision OS 4

Here at eRolling.com we carry the best aggressive skating brands out there like Razors, Remz, Valo, SSM, Xsjado, USD, Rollerblade, and Seba. We also offer all of our skates as boot-only or custom skates. If you find a skate you like but the frames and wheels aren't what you're looking for, we can switch them out. We are also proud to be the first and only to offer the ability to see custom skates on the site in real time. So if you're looking at a custom skate, you can change the cuffs, wheels, frames, bearings, and see the changes on the skate. No more guessing if red souls and cuffs will look good on that pair of Razors skates.

New products in the shop: Valo has just released the V13 Forest Green Skates. Valo also dropped a refill of their best-selling aggressive skates, the TV3 in camo and blue. This is the great Valo boot in a simple colorway at a low price-point.

Remedyz has also just released two brand new skates. One is a classic Remz style boot and the other is the Open Shell (OS) design. The classic style Remz is the HR1.3 which comes in all black with white highlights. This skate comes with improvements made to the leather upper of the boot as well as the liner. The Franky Morales OS 4 skate is also a black boot with purple highlights. These skates now come with Remz liners.

Razors as always has a ton of new skates available including the Razors SL-1, Razors G 9.1 LE Blue skates, and Razors Cult Street Blue skates. The Razors SL's are the newest SL model skate. They have a beefy Razors liner, thick Jug heel pad, and a stealthy colorway. The Razors Genesys 9.1 skates are a white boot with dark highlights.

Xsjado skates has a brand new skate out on the market, the Sean Kelso boot. The Kelso's have a smoky transparent cuff which is really cool looking in person. With all of these custom details it makes for a very unique skate.