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USD Montre Livingston Carbon Free Boot
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USD VII White Skates
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USD Skates, USD Aggressive SkatesUSD started making some of the most customizable skates in existence in 1997. USD stands for Universal Skate Design and no other company has offered as many colors or parts options for their skates. If you can dream it, from the wild to the mundane, USD probably has a part to make your skates a reality. From purple and gold cuffs, to red soul plates, USD probably makes the skate parts you’re looking for. No other brand of aggressive skate has offered as many different models of skates from UFS Thrones, Classic Thrones, Legacys, Grycons, Realms, and adjustable sized junior skates. For a wide, solid skate the Classic Throne has been a best choice for over 10 years now. With soul plates that just won’t give up and a cuff that has a good amount of flex, the Classic USD Throne is always a hit. UFS Thrones are gaining in popularity because of their slimmer, more responsive fit. Legacys are a really solid skate with a lot of custom skate parts on it. Grycons are a nice simple skate with wide souls and lighter weight. Realms are extremely lightweight and slim, making them great for beginners and long time riders alike. Current Team: Rachard Johnson, Gonzo, Dominic Sagona, Sean Kelso, Billy O’Neill, Richie Eisler, Carlos Pianowski, Albert Hooi, Adam Zurawiecki, and Demetrios George