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Razors SL-2 Skates$219.00$269.00
Razors G10 Boot Only$129.00$169.00
Razors G7.4 Skates$129.00$199.00
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Razors Skates, Razors Aggressive, Razor SkateLeading the aggressive skating market, in terms of innovations and options in skates, Razors Aggressive Skates has been building the best since 1994. RZRS - Stronger than ever.

Razors offers three different styles of inline skates to best match your style:

Razors Superlight (SL) Skates: This skate takes over a decade worth of skate making experience and blows away everything else out there. All unnecessary materials in the boot were removed to make this the lightest Razor skate ever made. Razors is the first company to introduce a baseless boot design which reduces weight and improves control and feel on grinds. Every part on the boot is customizable and replaceable such as: Cuffs, souls, backslide plates, frames, and wheels. The first release in the Superlight skate series is the Brian Aragon2 model.

Razors Genesys Skates: Possibly no other skate has been as popular or as widely used as the Genesys skate. Currently on the 8th edition, Razor Skates has introduced the G8 skate with completely replaceable parts. The backslide plate on the new skates has been modified to hold closer to the boot and lock it in tight. The Genesys 8 comes standard with Razors frames, Razor wheels, and Razors liners. We at eRolling always stock the full line of replacement frames, backslide plates, Razors souls, and all of the miscellaneous bolts.

Razors Cult Skates: The Cult skate series is a lightweight skate perfect for beginner skaters. All of the parts are easily replaceable. You can put on new Razors cuffs, soul frames, and backslide plates. This was the first Razors boot introduced and is still considered a classic to this day.

We offer Custom Razors on all of the Razors skates - swap out frames, wheels, bearings, cuffs, liners, souls, and backslides.

Pro Team Roster: Brian Aragon, Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson, Don Bambrick, and Dre Powell.
Am Team Roster: Brent Hicks and Erik ‘Ski’ Perkett.