Aggressive Skates

Remz Soul FramesRemz Soul Frames $4.00$39.00
Abec 5 BearingsAbec 5 Bearings $9.00$14.00
SSM Bloodline 3 SkatesSSM Bloodline 3 Skates $139.00$229.00
Razors Genesys 11 SkatesRazors Genesys 11 Skates $144.00$199.00
SSM Gabriel Hyden SkatesSSM Gabriel Hyden Skates $149.00$279.00

At we only sell aggressive skates and aggressive inline skating products (and it's been that way since day one in 2003.) We carry all of the full lines from Razors Skates, USD Skates, Xsjado Skates, Remz Skates, SSM Skates, Create Originals frames, Eulogy Wheels, Ground Control frames, Jug Liners, Kizer Hardware, Themgoods, Trust Liners, Undercover wheels, Valo Brand Skates, Vibralux Denim, and more. We pride ourselves on our massive inventory that is kept in-stock. We never drop-ship orders as is common place on other web sites. This allows us to ship faster and to get every order right, every time. We are fanatical about order accuracy. It's crucial that your order arrives as soon as possible so we offer same day shipping on UPS and on Free Shipping orders placed by 3pm Central Time. We are available at 1-888-575-2837 for all questions or orders.

Razors Aggressive Skates - Razors has three top-selling lines of skates. Razors' professional line of skates is the SL skate. SL stands for Superlight and for good reason. The bottom of the boot has been removed to reduce the weight of the skate. In it's place is the Razors soul frame. We have the Razors Alex Burston skates available as Completes, Boot-Only, and Custom. For Genesys model skates, eRolling always has a full selection of the newest models. The Razors G7.4 skate has just been released in a black and charcoal colorway. If you're looking for a white Genesys model there's also the G9 skates available in white and blue. Rounding out their lineup, Razors has the Cult Street White skates available.

Remz Skates - Kato and company always have the freshest soft boot designs out there. For the classic shell design, there is the Chris Haffey 2.2 skates available as complete, boot-only, and custom aggressive skates. For the OS, or Open Shell, Remz also has released the farewell pro-model for Franky Morales. This skate comes in a ninja black/purple colorway. As with all of the skates we stock, we have a full line of replacement parts for all Remz skates like soul frames, backslide plates, frames, and wheels.

Valo Brand Skates - Jon Julio has been dropping some of the most popular selling skates with a strong team to match. We have in the TV.3 complete skates in black and white. These come flat rockered with 58mm 88a wheels for an ultra-fast setup. On the pro setup side of things, there are 2 Valo lights setups available. There is the JJ Light in Black/Wine and JJ Light in Charcoal available. All Valo Light skates are 5mm longer and wider for a better fit along with a carbon fiber shell. This makes the boot one of the lightest on the market. All of our aggressive skates are available as boot-only or customs and Valo is no different. Be sure to check out our Valo Customs.

Xsjado Skates - The Xsjado line of aggressive skates has one of the most unique designs out there. They incorporate a footwrap into a skate with an unhinged cuff to provide good flex and support. The JC Rowe boots and the Jeff Stockwell4 boots are the newest in a long line of Xsjado skates. The Rowe has a high-top footwrap with a grey/white/red colorway. The Stockwell 4 is really clean in all black with tan leather cuff straps.

USD Aggressive Skates - USD is one of the top innovators in all of skating. They are constantly progressing their line of skates. On the high end, they have the Carbon line of skates. These carbon fiber boots are lightweight and indestructable. They come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defect. USD also has 2 different Throne models to choose from. There is the Classic Throne with the giant Feinberg tumor plates. These are called the Classics for a reason. They've been incredibly popular for over a decade now. For a slimmer skate, there is the UFS Throne. These have the 2 piece soul plates and a narrow build.

Shima Skate Manufacturing - Brian Shima has his own boot company that makes a open shell skate. This is a skinned skate with a revolutionary soul plate. The backslide groove on the soul plate is only slightly broken in so you can make your own groove to match your style. They have a solid roster of pro's including John Bolino, Montre Livingston, Billy O'Neill, Marc Moreno, and Shima himself.

Ground Control - The first frame company with an after market UFS frame is still at it with a strong lineup of top-notch frames. For one of the strongest frames out there, look no further than the F1-XS frames. These frames have a replaceable h-block so you can fix up your frames after they've taken a beating. The F1 XS frames come in solid black, red and white. For a lighter frame, GC also has the Featherlite 2 line of frames or FLT2 for short. These have probably been the most popular line of frames we've ever seen. They're lightweight, strong, and the grooves line up well on all skates. All new GC frames have sickle bolts for 1 skate tool wheel rotating and easier maintenance.

Create Originals - Billy O'Neill's all skater-owned frame company has the first and only custom graphic frame system. You have to see these frames to truly see what is possible with them. You can put in your own custom frame graphics to have a one-of-a-kind looking frame. They skate well as a flat frame, anti-rocker, or with the Create Originals G-Blocks.

Kizer Frames - Kizer is always coming out with new frames for you to try. They just released their line of Fluid 4 frames which can only be skated anti-rocker or freestyle. They come in black, white, and teal. There's also the line of Type-M 2 frames which features a large replaceable h-block. Type-M2 frames also have a beveled edge for reduced surface area on the side for faster soul tricks. Rounding out their lineup, Kizer also has a line of Slim Line frames which are perfect for skating flat, freestyle, or anti-rocker. They have a wide gap in the middle for easier grinds. All Kizer frames are inline UFS so you can put them on any UFS Inline Skate.

Trust Liners - The Trust Special Ops liner is the newest liner from the guys that brought you the Catalyst Liners. Trust put years into making the Special Ops liner work perfectly in slimmer skates like Valo (non-light), Razors Cult and USD UFS Thrones while still working really well in all other skates at the same time. All unnecessary materials were removed from the liner so they can fit into smaller shells easily. Have a size 9 foot but always been trying to get into that 6-7 shell? Well you can with the Trust Special Ops. Liners. They're ultra-comfortable and feature the quick laceup system.

Jug Skate Liners - Jug is brought to you by Mike 'Murda' Johnson and Robert Lievanos. They continually produce some of the most popular liners on the market. We have the White Sox liner which has added more padding throughout the liner for a super comfortable fit. There is also a v-shape elastic insert in the back which allows the liners to be skated with full or v-cut cuffs. It also features the quick laceup system and a high rebound insole. Jug liners fit well in most rollerblades out there.

Eulogy Wheels - We sell more Eulogy wheels than any other brand for a reason. They're just that good. With a team consisting of Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Dalnas, JC Rowe, Franco Cammayo, and Soichiro it's no wonder why. Eulogy has been consistently producing the best wheels in skating for over 15 years now. They make all of their wheels in-house and they don't produce wheels for any other brands. Eulogy is known for making the longest lasting wheels out there, not to mention they cost less than the competition.

Undercover Wheels - Undercover has been making wheels for a number of wheels now. Their new urethane compound is definitely giving Eulogy a run for it's money. We offer the complete 2013 line like the Iain McLeod, Richie Eisler, Nick Lomax, and Jeph Howard which is the newest UC wheel line.

Street Artist Wheels - STAR wheels brought to you by Adam Johnson has a team featuring Don Bambrick, Brian Freeman, Billy O'Neill, Rachard Johnson, Sean Kelso and more. We always have the newest Street Artist Urethane wheels in stock like the Billy O'Neill 58/88 wheels, Team 58/90 and Team 56/92 wheels. These wheels have a top notch urethane and are definitely worth the price.

DVD's - Pariah, Thee Worst, GC.1 DVD, Fester DVD, the Hooligan Project DVD, Regardless DVD, and The City Never Sleeps DVD.

Vibralux Denim - We have in a fresh stock of the newest line of VX jeans. First off, we have the Vibralux Chris Farmer black jeans for a classic look. There is also a grey pair of jeans designed by Alex Broskow. Both are 2% spandex for a slightly stretchy feel. These jeans are a staple among pretty much every pro rollerblader in the world for a reason. They fit great and the stretch material is perfect for skating in.

Custom Vision - We are proud to be the only shop on the internet that lets you customize your skates in real time. What this means is you can pick any custom skate on our site, change all of the parts on the skate, and see what it will look like before ordering it. You can change the cuffs, soul plates, frames, wheels, and just about everything on the skate and see what it will look like. Be sure to check out our full line of Custom Aggressive Skates.